Universal Assembly of Yahweh Miami "But let judgement run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream." Amos 5:24
Universal Assembly of Yahweh Miami"But let judgement run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream."  Amos 5:24

The Myth Of The New World Worship

If you were to speak to one of churchianity's followers about their worship and about what the scriptures say about Yahweh's commandments, they are likely to tell you that there are new commandments now. We are living under "grace." With further conversation one will notice that they will more than likely only read Mathew - James (Matityahoo - Ya'aqob) and the Psalms because it speaks of destroying their enemies.


Its important to note that it is incorrect to use the terms Old Testament and New Testament. Correctly, it should be First Covenant and Second Covenant or the fulfillment of the first, which culminates with the death and resurrection of Yahshua Messiah. The term Old Testament would mean no longer valid or useful. The Daniel Webster and the Oxford English dictionaries both define "OLD" as "belonging only or chiefly to the past, former or previous." This is the context in which "OLD" is used to apply to scripture.


Yahshua said in Mathew 5:17-18; "Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them."  Verse 18 and the word fulfill has been used for the current day "replacement theology."


If it is then that The Old is obsolete then why has the Old continued to be bound with the New for over 2500 years? Why not just drop it? An online site describes the popular belief this way: "The Bible is mainly divided into Old and New Testament. The Old Testament contains books relating to the old covenant between Yahweh and Israel. The New Testament contains books and letters relating to the New Covenant between Yahweh and Israel - the Church.


Tertullian, second century father of the "Roman Church" was the first to use the terms "vetus testamentum" or old testament and "novum testamentum" or new testament. He also introduced the term Trinity into the church vocabulary nearly 200 years into the New Testament. But it is the regrettable use of the terms "old and "new" testaments that has had the more serious consequences.


However, for the sake of this writing "Old and New" will be used.


The most far reaching of them all is that two seperate religions and faiths have obstensibly grown out of the same book, supposedly worshipping the same Heavenly Father! The Shema of Deutoronomy 6:4 states; "Hear. O Israel: Yahweh our Elohim is one Yahweh:" He is of one mind and understanding, a trait the Son shares.


Many would have us belive that Yahweh made a huge misstep in requiring Israel to keep His laws, only to correct the misstep in the so called New Testament. Yahweh never intended that his covenant and laws would present two completely different modes or worship and requirements, creating two different options for salvation.


We are going to see that despite changes to the scriptures, Yahweh's words to the people of Israel and Yahshua's words to all, agree on one single salvation plan for all people. Strikingly, we will see how the writers of the "New Testament" looked to the "Old Testament" as a basis for truth. Also, the disciples and Yahshua himself spoke of the scriptures, there was no "New Testament" at that time.


Over the centuries the popular notion has developed that there exists two different paths to salvation for two different groups of people in two conflicting sections of the Bible. This myth has caused two different religions to spring from the same book. Sha'ul categorically refutes this in Galatians 3:28, “There is neither Hebrew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: For you are all one in Messiah Yahshua.”


Here is the champion of Christianity – none other than the Apostle Sha'ul himself – refuting a fundamental Christian belief! Here is the supposed founder of modern church teaching telling us that there is no basic difference between the Hebrew and the gentile. All are united in Yahshua. So how does that work in everyday reality?


Most Bible believers see it this way:  the "Old Testament" is useful and edifying in relating Yahweh’s actions with Israel – so long as it stays focused exclusively on Israel . It has some good history and individual lessons and examples that can also be nice for us to know.  But for them it doesn’t have the same level of authority or relevance for the believer as does the New Testament.


This means that anyone in the Old Testament era was at a great disadvantage just because they lived at a different time. It means in essence that they were second-rate believers; their salvation, if indeed they had it, was inferior because they did not know New Testament truth.


The other use of the "Old Testament" to churchianity today is for support of the ever growing popularity of the "prosperity doctrine."  We will go beyond Hebrews 11to see the error in the thinking of churchianity.






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